Thursday, March 5, 2009

Backing Up the Backup

The Phoenix Coyotes trade Mikael Tellqvist to the Buffalo Sabres fora 4th round pick in 2010.

Fantasy Outlook:
In what is looked at as a small deal in the NHL world, Sabres fans should be relieved. Darcy Regehr has a addressed an issue that has been looming since star goalie Ryan Miller went down with a high ankle sprain.

This move may mean one of two things: Ryan Miller's ankle is sprain is worse than Buffalo is letting on, or the Sabres have given up hope on Patrick Lalime.

The reason this has fantasy implications is because it affects Buffalo's confidence and owners of Ryan Miller should be concerned.

Do not look at Tellqvist as an adequate replacement for Miller. If you have the opportunity to replace Miller with another #1 guy, go for it. If not, add Tellqvist from the waiver wire - only if you have room on your bench.


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