Sunday, June 28, 2009

One More Year

Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne have informed the Anaheim Ducks of their intentions to return to the team next season.

Niedermayer, a UFA, will be returning for what should be a final year in the league with hopes of capturing another Stanley Cup and a gold medal at the Olympics in 2010. Last season Niedermayer continued building on his amazing stats as he had 59 points in 82 games with 70 PIMS. At 35 he remains an elite defenceman in the league. Fantasy owners should not hesitate when drafting Niedermayer but should be cautious as he is reluctant to commit on more than a season at a time.

The Finnish Flash has also decided to come back for one last kick at the can. His main motivation will be to participate in the 2010 Olympics later this year. Selanne still possesses his sniper ability that he came into the league with. Look for him to excel on the second line this season and improve on the 54 points in 65 games last season.

Fantasy owners need to be aware that this should be the last year in the league for these superstar players and should be drafted accordingly.


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