Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mailbag: Brunnstrom's Outlook

"Hey Mark, you've been rocking the summer blogs. What sort of output do you think we'll get from Fabian Brunnstrom next season - bad like last year, or is he going to get it together? Thanks in advance and I enjoy the read each day."


Andy, the hype that followed Brunnstrom over from Sweden last off-season you would have expected the next coming of Peter Forsberg. Brunnstrom struggled mightily last year and frustrated owners that drafted him. With 29 points in 55 games, Brunnstrom saw time in the press box and the infirmary.

Don’t expect a break-out season next year. Brunnstrom wasn’t able to capitalize with all the injuries to key players in Dallas and floated between the third and fourth lines. He appears to be a streaky scorer that can score in bunches, though it is not enough to consider picking him up in a draft. Look for Brunnstrom to increase his point totals slightly for next season but you should still pass on this over-hyped Swede.


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