Monday, April 14, 2014

The new JFH

Welcome to the return of Just Fantasy Hockey. After some considerable time away from the blogosphere I have been working on a slow but calculated return.

The goal for Just Fantasy Hockey is to offer you, the reader, the highest quality Fantasy Hockey advice around the web.

There are a few high quality fantasy hockey websites but they are purely informative websites belonging to the industries high end companies. Just Fantasy Hockey’s main aim is to offer an interactive user experience.

The new features coming soon are going to be very exciting and FREE!!! The JFH hockey forecaster will return on July 1st. A very popular product in its infancy, the forecaster will once again feature an in-depth, up to date, projection of all 30 NHL teams and players to key in on come draft day. This unique product will offer quick and easy navigation, realistic player projections and key sleepers to focus on. The key feature is that it will remain current as the NHL draft and free agent season is under way. All for the low, low price of FREE!!!

Also coming within the summer months some key feature that I use as a fantasy hockey competitor and commissioner. Projected starting goalies for the 2014-15 season with Twitter confirmations. A draft pick chart of picks traded for upcoming NHL draft, a quick look to see what picks your favorite NHL team owns as well as conditions on those picks. A week by week calendar of how many games each NHL team has. And finally, a JFH hockey pool, newsletter, forums, general site upgrades and logos.

A very ambitious project, but with some time, a key website that you will return to for your daily fantasy hockey info.


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